•  teach table coordinate & cooking at home


  • produced Japanese dining restaurant ”Uedabeikokuten”in Minami Aoyama Tokyo

interior design/pottery design /uniform design

“Plum wine my keep bottle" service was a great successful idea.
“Bran floor  my keep Japanese pickles jar “service

  • clothing store 「Beshop by hotty」in Daikanyama Tokyo

interior design idea /reception party decoration /clothing design

  • Art&abar"T&GArts” in Roppongi Tokyo

Interior display /food coordinate/ menu create 

  • cafe “kofu” in Daimyo Fukuoka 

pottery halloween party decoration

  • Bar”Ookubo” in Nishiazabu Tokyo

food coordinate/menu create/display/original products produce

  • Bar “Les Amoureuses” in Daimyo Fukuoka

Christmas Display / Wall Decoration

  • Clothing shop lilac in Fukuoka

Valentine’s day party event produce "Gift someone Special"

  • Clothing shop "Tia Rose” in Fukuoka

interior design/display 

  • Movie “The New World” at Aoyama Book Center gallery 

 promotion decoration for movie film

  •  wedding produce at "Michiba washoku Tateno" in Akasaka Tokyo
  •  Thai Trade center party "Thai style" 

 Party organized


  •  Wedding produce "Tasogarekon" at Noh theater in Fukuoka 

 party decoration/food produce

  •  Anniversary event for "Tiara Nail" in Fukuoka

 party decoration / food produce

  •  Study Ayurveda in Kyoto
  •  Started to search vegetable farmers with friends totally more than 2000 farms 

    starting member of "vegetaberus" a vegetable online shopping company.

    branding / logo design /website

  •   Food Writer for few magazine 

  restaurant guide/ art galley guide /trip advice /interview chef

  •   A lot of Food events with concerts at nice located country. sometimes Dining out .
  •   Chocolate promotion event"Emils Gustavs" produce at Embassy of Latvia
  •   Chocolate promotion event"Emils Gustavs" produce in Sakaimachi Kyoto
  •   Hotel "Kawatana Grand Hotel" in Kawatana Yamaguchi

  as a food consultant

  recipe create / pottery produce /food styling /manner teacher for staff/uniform design idea

  •  Food product produce "Bijin Onsen Yudoufu"

 logo design / recipe 

  •  Food product produce " Houjyunton Nabe"

 logo design /recipe

  •  Heal Food Supplements advice
  •  Act sometimes on TV show as a cooking producer
  •  Arrange a Catering Party
  •  Slow Food Party in Okinawa
  •  Collaboration with potter (ceramic artists)

  cook for the potter exhibition to show their products more real in using pottery

  •   Shimnoseki city government food product produce lunch box
  •   Bridal Produce in Karatsu Saga
  •   my cooking & interview series in Men's fashion Magazain